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Cyber Security Solutions for Independent Advisors

Right-Sized Cybersecurity Solutions for Independent Financial Professionals

We help Financial Advisors sleep better at night.

We help protect independent advisors and their firms from cyber threats through our technology services and solutions so you can focus on your clients and building your practice, not being a cyber expert.

Our Process

Our Process

In working solely with Financial Professionals over the last 14 years, we’ve learned that the right answers start with the right questions. 

Our process is broken down into 4 steps:

We're here to help protect you and your clients with peace of mind.

At Security Snapshot, we understand your challenges as an independent financial advisor. We’ve been in independent financial services security for 14 years and in that time, we’ve seen a lot.  We understand your need for a cyber security program done right. Done in a way that fits your needs and your budget. Both your financial budget and your time budget.

Your Right-fit Cyber Security Solution

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