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Pricing Options

What does pricing look like?

Pricing is dependent on your specific situation and needs, we are not looking to shoehorn you into some “Best Value” package. In step 4 of the process, after we understand your specific needs, our team will have outlined pricing on the specific recommendations. However, as a small business owner, you need to have an idea of what kind of investment might be needed before deciding to start the discovery process. 


We break our services into 3 broad categories, Protecting Your Computers, Protecting Your Staff and Protecting your Business and pricing often looks like what’s shown below.

Explore Our Pricing Options

We offer affordable and easy-to-use cybersecurity solutions. Our goal is to provide the service you need to protect your firm.  We are not “just another dashboard”, you will be interacting with our onshore team of professionals.

Protection for Smartphones and Tablets: $8.95 per device per month.

*Setup fees apply

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