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Canon warns sensitive config info may be available on used printers

Canon today released CP2023-003 Vulnerability Mitigation/Remediation for Inkjet Printers (Home and Office/Large Format) which covers almost 200 of their printers.

The issue

When doing the “Reset of all settings” operation, it doesn’t delete all settings and any of your Wi-Fi connection settings such as network SSID and the password could be recovered.

Canon offers the following Mitigation / Remediation for the impacted printers:

When your printer may be in the hand of any third party, such as when repairing, lending or disposing the printer, take the following steps from the printer unit:

  • Reset all settings (Reset settings ‐> Reset all)

  • Enable the wireless LAN

  • Reset all settings one more time

For models that do not have the Reset all settings function, take the following steps:

  • Reset LAN settings

  • Enable the wireless LAN

  • Reset LAN settings one more time

It is important to remove any sensitive information before donating or selling any devices.

Source: Canon

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