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Cyber Bites

Mac users Targeted with free blockchain games

Recently, cybercriminals have been pushing multiple blockchain games with titles such as Brawl Earth, WildWorld, Evolion, Pearl, SaintLegend, and Olymp of Reptiles. These “games” are really an information stealer named Realst aimed at macOS users.

Security firm SentinelOne is reporting those that downloaded the above “games” ended up with their cryptocurrency wallets compromised as well as their stored password and browser data stolen.

It's important to note several malicious components of the Realst infostealer are not currently blocked by Apple's XProtect service and are not prevented from launching,

How to protect yourself

  1. Be sure to run appropriate 3rd party Antivirus Software on all macOS computers. Do not depend solely on the protections built into the operating system.

  2. Use extreme caution when downloading and installing blockchain games.

  3. If you just must play these games, do so on a computer used only for this purpose to minimize the damage if you do get one that’s not what it purports to be.

Source: SentinelOne

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