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Cyber Bites

What do Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, and Kansas City have in common?

These cities are about to be the targets of concert ticket scams. Fraudsters have been front-running Taylor Swift's Era tour looking to cash in on the performer’s popularity and scarcity of legitimate tickets.

Fans in Michigan reported to the State Attorney General of paying as much as $2500 for what turned out to be non-existent tickets. Fake tickets are being offered on Facebook. Craigslist and Instagram.

Here are a couple of tips on avoiding ticket scams:

  • Research the ticket seller before buying. When in doubt, keep to well-known entities like Ticketmaster.

  • Use a credit card for the purchase vs cash, gift-cards, or a debit card. Setting up a one-time-use card would be even better.

Source: Malwarebytes

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