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Rustbucket malware targeting Macs

Researchers at Elastic Security Labs have uncovered an updated version of the macOS malware called Rustbucket. The malware is present in a third-party PDF reader application being distributed by phishing emails and social networks such as LinkedIn.

The 3rd-party PDF reader application functions normally until a weaponized PDF file is opened. At that point, the rogue application reaches out to a command-and-control server for instructions which include the downloading of malware designed to gather extensive information and establish a backdoor to the computer.

It appears the same group is now working on a version of the attack for Windows as well.


  1. Use the PDF reader that ships with your computer or install the free Adobe Reader.

  2. Installing software based on a link in an email or social media post is rarely a good idea.


Command and control (C&C) server - a centralized server used to send commands and receive data from compromised computers or devices. They are typically used in botnets and other types of malware attacks. The C&C server allows the attacker to remotely control the infected devices, collect information, and carry out malicious activities.

Computer backdoor - a hidden entry point in a computer system that allows unauthorized access and control. It is typically created by malicious actors to gain unauthorized access to a system, bypass security measures, and perform various malicious activities.

Botnet - a network of internet-connected devices that have been infected with malware and can be controlled remotely by a cybercriminal. These devices, which can include computers, smartphones, and IoT devices, are used to carry out various malicious activities, such as DDoS attacks, spam campaigns, and data theft.

Sources: Elastic Security Labs, The Hacker News

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