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Password Practices Survey by Keeper

Password manager vendor Keeper just released survey findings based on responses from over 8k individuals from the US, UK, France, and Germany.


30% of people use simple passwords to protect their online accounts

34% use repeating variations of the same password

64% feel they are not confident they are managing their passwords well

41% said cybersecurity is too difficult to understand

19% found enabling MFA to be e best way to achieve personal cybersecurity

Take away:

With close to one-third of the respondents using either simple passwords or variations on a theme, credential-stuffing attacks will not be going away soon.


Credential stuffing is a process where malicious actors take stolen usernames and passwords from one site and use them to gain access to other accounts on other sites. The idea behind it is that if a user has reused their username and password combination on multiple sites, then a hacker can potentially gain access to those.

A common variation of this attack is to use similar passwords that are slightly different from the original. For example, if the stolen password is "password123", the attacker might try "password1234", "password123!", "pa$$word123", or "2023password123".

Source: Keeper

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