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Cyber Bites

Parking Ticket QR Code Scam

ever fun to see that paper flapping under the wiper blade as you return to your parked car. Cybercriminals in San Francisco are putting phony parking tickets on cars with a malicious QR code which leads to a fake website to collect your “parking fine”.


  1. Don’t pay the ticket based on any information printed on the ticket itself.

  2. Don’t pay the ticket based on a QR code posted on the parking meter or nearby pay station. Criminals are known to place malicious QR codes there as well.

  3. Go to the official website of the municipality/transit authority with the appropriate jurisdiction and pay your fine there.

  4. Be aware, most entities subcontract ticket processing to a third-party,

so don’t be surprised when you get sent to a different entity to process your payment.

Source: Bleeping Computer

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