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New Mac malware JokerSpy

Multiple security researchers are reporting new malware, JokerSpy targeting Macs. The malware circumvents Apple’s TCC protections which are in place to require explicit permission from a user before an app can access a Mac’s hard drive, contacts, and other sensitive resources or record its screen.

From Mac Antivirus vendor Intego:

“Once a system is compromised and infected with malware like JokerSpy, the attacker effectively has a great degree of control over the system. With a backdoor, attackers can install additional components in the background and could potentially run further exploits, monitor users’ behavior, steal login credentials or cryptocurrency wallets, and more.”


Make sure you have up-to-date Antivirus software running on any Macs you have.

Sources: Intego, Bitdefender, Elastic, and Ars Technica

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