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Cyber Bites

National Password Day

Today is World Password Day. Since we’ve not gotten to the no-password world continually being promised, here are four password tips courtesy of Sopho’s Naked Security.

  1. Use a password manager if you can.

  2. Use Multi-Factor Authentication when you can.

  3. Get rid of accounts you aren’t using.

  4. Revisit your account recovery settings.

We’ll add a fifth to the list, never reuse the same password on multiple sites.

5/4 is also Dave Brubeck Day so, Take Five.

Lastly, in honor of May the 4th being with you, based on an analysis of over 800 million breached passwords, here are the top ten with a reference to the movie franchise:

  1. solo

  2. boba

  3. leia

  4. jedi

  5. yoda

  6. kylo

  7. sith

  8. hoth

  9. vader

  10. endor

Source: Naked Security,, Specops Breached Password Protection database

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