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Cyber Bites

ChatGPT! What was the question again?

Seems no matter what the problem these days, ChatGPT and AI is the answer. Cyber criminals are coming to the same conclusion.

Cybercriminals have poisoned Google search results with malicious webpages and sponsored ads pointing to fake browser extensions claiming instant, user-friendly ChatGPT access. The reality of the situation, the browser extension steals Facebook related cookies and passes them to the attacker who can then gain control of your business Facebook page.

Google is trying to keep ahead of the criminals and removing the extensions from the Chrome Web Store, as well as the malicious ads in search results, as fast as they can find them.

Take away:

Think twice, and then twice again before installing anything related to ChatGPT. This includes browser plugins.

Maybe Bard can help Google keep up.

Source: Guardio Labs

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