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Cyber Bites

Avoid booking your next vacation to Scamistan

With the official start of Summer less than a month away, many are working out their summer vacation / travel plans. Ever resourceful cybercriminals have already made their plans, hoping to have some of your dollars travel to their bank accounts.

Be on the lookout for the following:

  1. Illegitimate Travel Agencies - Scammers promote fake travel agencies via social media, email or phone calls to trick consumers into providing personal information and banking details.

  1. Fake Booking Websites: Scammers create fraudulent websites which closely resemble legitimate airline or travel agency sites, offering substantial discounts.

  1. Phony Social Media Giveaways: Scammers entice users with attractive images and promises of free or discounted vacations through social media giveaways.


  • Stick to reputable websites for booking travel and accommodations.

  • When searching for the websites of Airlines and Hotels, be sure to pay close attention to the search results. Don’t inadvertently click on an ad which could have been placed by a cybercriminal.

Source: ITSecurityGuru org

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