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Apple’s efforts to protect the App Store

In April, Google released information on their efforts to protect the Play Store. Today, Apple released their data for protecting the App Store. Much like Google’s, the sheer size of these app stores and the number of apps and transactions being processed are staggering.

428,000 Developer accounts terminated for potentially fraudulent activity

105 million Fraudulent developer account creations blocked

282 million Fraudulent customer accounts deactivated

57,000 untrustworthy apps blocked from illegitimate storefronts

400,000 App submissions rejected for privacy violations

153,000 App submissions rejected for spam, copycats or misleading users

29,000 App submissions rejected for containing hidden or undocumented features

3.9 million Stolen credit cards blocked from being used

714,000 Accounts banned from transacting again

$2 billion Potential fraudulent transactions prevented

On average, Apple’s team reviews over 100,000 app submissions a week, with nearly 90 percent of them receiving a review within 24 hours.

Source: Apple

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