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Apple releases first-ever Rapid Security Response patches

Yesterday, Apple released security updates for both their iOS and macOS Ventura, taking them to versions 16.4.1 (a) and 13.3.1 (a), respectively.

Letters are a new addition to version numbering for Apple, with the “a” designating this is a “Rapid Security Response.” Here’s what Apple has to say about this new type of update.

Rapid Security Responses are a new type of software release for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. They deliver important security improvements between software updates — for example, improvements to the Safari web browser, the WebKit framework stack, or other critical system libraries. They may also be used to mitigate some security issues more quickly, such as issues that might have been exploited or reported to exist “in the wild.”

Also of note, Apple is only making these RSR patches available to the newest versions of their Operating Systems. Another reason you’ll want to keep your Apple devices current.

If you have Apple devices, be sure to get them updated.

Source: Apple

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