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Cyber Bites

Next two days Primed for phishing

The Better Business Bureau is warning to be on the lookout for an uptick in phishing emails trying to capitalize on Amazon’s Prime Day(s), July 11th and 12th this year.

Two common scams according to Amazon’s director of worldwide buyer risk prevention:

Prime membership – Unsolicited emails or phone calls claiming there is an issue with your Prime membership. The attacker is looking for you to give up credit card information or login credentials.

Order confirmation hoax – Attacker will cite a fictious order that has been placed in your account. They provide a link for you to log in and contest the charge. The link leads to a look-alike site where they hope you will log in, thereby “harvesting” your credentials.


Whether it’s Prime day or not, never respond to phishing emails, calls relating to your Amazon account or use the links / phone numbers provided. If you have questions about your account, open a browser and log into your account to check the status.

Source, Better Business Bureau, AP, Amazon

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